National announcements

New Proedros elected

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Hellenion is pleased to announce the election of our newest Proedros to the Boule, Courtney Nelms. Thank you for accepting this responsibility, Courtney. We’re excited about our dynamic new advisory board!


Libation to Athena in Maryland

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Libation to Athena by the Potomac Valley Palladium Demos of Hellenion Sat. July 13 @ 11 am Frederick MD A simple, sincere libation to thank our patron goddess, Athena, followed by shared snacks and conversation. More details or to RSVP:

Local / regional

New Proto-Demos in Oregon

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The Prutaneis of Hellenion is pleased to announce that a new Proto-Demos has been formed: The Aphrodite Charidotes Proto-Demos of Hellenion. It is located in Portland, OR. Link to their Facebook page: