The Flames

The Flames

by Kyrene Ariadne

Pic of art installation on the cruise ship, Independence of the Seas, based on the Homeric Hymn to Dionysos. Huge libation bowl. Above it is classic portrayal of the God, would have been on inside of the bowl. Hanging in the main promenade of the ship. Photo by Melissa Gold( 2009)

Fire born Liberator!
For you, I would dance around the flames and back again
Rejoicing in the joy that is you, the bringer of joy!
Bringer of ecstacy! Holy and prophetic, frenzing son of Zeus!
For you, I would jump into the flames and let it all burn
The wine that I drink, burns within, burns in my blood,
For you, all for you, Dionysos, dear Dionysos
For within the flames I am reborn, reborn to be with you,
Thrice born god of the vine, with you I am home, my heart sings, and I burn
Yes, I burn
All for you.
This fire in my chest, it is within me, all around me
Consuming everything within but my never ending love and passion
for you, Dionysos,

Copyright © 2007, Kyrene Ariadne


Art installation on cruise ship, Independence of the Seas, based on Homeric Hymn to Dionysos. Libation bowl as seen from above. Gives an idea of huge scale of the art. Photo by Melissa Gold (2009)