Prayer to Eros

Prayer to Eros
by Gitana

Oh Eros, you interpret and transport our human offerings to the gods and divine things to humans. You bring the prayers and sacrifices from us to the gods, and the commands and replies from the gods to us. You who are the mediator allow the divine and the human to be supplements to one another. The whole is combined into one. Through you we receive prophecy, and the gods receive our sacrifices and prayers through ritual. The divine does not mingle with the mortal, but through you we can talk to the gods, and the gods can speak to us, no matter if we are awake or asleep.

Eros, we thank you for your many gifts, and ask that you continue to serve as the bridge that unites divine and human!

Copyright © 2017, Gitana

Adapted from Plato, Symposium 202e-203a