Orphic Hymn to Gaia – Athanassakis trans.

Orphic Hymn to Gaia (#26)

Divine Gaia, mother of men and of the blessed gods,
you nourish all, you give all, you bring all to fruition, and you destroy all.
When the season is fair you are heavy with fruits and growing blossoms;
and, O multiform maiden, you are the seat of the immortal cosmos,
and in the pains of labor you bring forth fruit of all kinds.
Eternal, reverend, deep-bosomed, and blessed,
you delight in the sweet breath of grass, O goddess bedecked with flowers.
Yours is the joy of the rain, and round you the intricate realm of the stars
revolves in endless and awesome flow.
But, O blessed goddess, may you multiply the gladsome fruits
and, together with the beautiful seasons, grant me favor.

translation by A. Athanassakis