For Lady Hestia

For Lady Hestia
by S. A. Victory

Oh beautiful and serene Hestia,
You who are first and last,
born to The Mother first, an
delivered from your Father Last

Hestia, you who choose celibacy to give
harmony to Olympus, when Bright Apollon, and
Stormy Poseidon both sought your hand.

Hestia who guards the hearths and in that the homes.
You provide through them, the haven we all seek.

Great and generous Goddess, Harken now,
in this our time of need.
bring to the hearts of those sworn to protect us
the wisdom and compassion you inspire.
Grant that each and every one of us shall
know the peace of a secure roof,
the warmth of a fire
the harmony of family and friends.
O, most blessed of Goddesses,
Hear this my prayer.