If you find that your practices and beliefs fit in well with ours, we invite you to consider joining Hellenion. Members have access to our many education and clergy training programs free of charge, a variety of emailing lists & forums, a free electronic copy of Drew Campbell’s book Old Stones, New Temples, and many other programs and services. They are also able to found local congregations.

To join Hellenion, you must print/download and fill out the Member Application It is not necessary to submit ID.

Prospective members under the age of 18 should use the Minor Member Application. this application requires the signature and ID of a parent or legal guardian.

The annual membership dues are US$10. Memberships are renewable annually on September 15th. As there is no pro-rating of dues, new members may wish to time their applications to avoid paying twice within a short time. Click on the button “Pay Now” to pay through PayPal:

If you are unable to download or print this application, or would prefer a copy of the application mailed to you, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (or international reply coupons for non-US addresses) to:

c/o K. McKnight (Grammateus)
1618 Malasia Road
Akron OH 44305

Or request an application via email:

Please consider joining the list Hellenion Chat and let us know you have mailed your application. We have learned that it’s better to start communication earlier with prospective members.

After you have put your application in the mail, please send *one * email to the following two people:   and

We look forward to your application, and notifying the two officers helps us to better track your application. Please note that it can take several weeks to process applications. Both the Grammateus (secretary) and the Tamias (treasurer) receive email & physical mail daily. They will verify that your application includes all the necessary information and payment. Once your application has been processed and your payment received (or if paying by check, once it’s cleared the bank) the Grammateus will send you an email invitation to join the main Hellenion members-only mailing list. The Epistates (president) should only be contacted if neither of the other two officers have responded within two weeks.

At that point, you are considered a full member. This process may appear cumbersome, but it provides us and you, our members, with accountability at every step of the process.

Make note of the exact date you send your application, and if you have not heard from us after two weeks, send a note to Ελληνιον. Please include your legal name, your location, method of payment, and the date you mailed your form, so that we can effectively track your application.

Please be sure to send your application in a timely manner after submitting payment. We can consider your request for membership only when we have both your completed application and payment in hand. Many thanks for your cooperation!