Orphic Hymn To Themis

Orphic Hymn 78: To Themis (adapted fromn original translation by Thomas Taylor)

Illustrious Themis, of celestial birth, you I invoke, young blossom of the earth;
Beauteous-eyed virgin; first from you alone, prophetic oracles to humanity were known,
Givrn from the deep recesses of the fane in sacred Pytho, where renowned you reign;
From you, Apollo’s oracles arose, and from you power his inspiration flows.
Honored by all, of form divinely bright, majestic virgin, wandering in the night:
Humanity from you first learned initial rites, and Dionysus’ nightly choirs your soul delights;
For holy honors to disclose is yours, with all the culture of the powers divine.
Be present, Goddess, to my prayer inclined, and bless the mystic rites with favoring mind.