Recitation of Epithets

Recitation of Epithets (Hymn for Zeus)
by Lyssa Little Bear

Altar to Zeus. Photo by Jennifer.

You are Ombrios, of the rain.
You are Astrapaios, of the lightning.
You are Labrandeus, the furious and raging one.
You are Maimaktês, the boisterous one.
You are Basielus, the chieftain and king.
You are Ktêsios, of the house and property.
You are Teleios, of the marriage rights.
You are Sêmaleos, the giver of signs.
You are Philios, of friendship.
You are Xenios, of hospitality.
You are Apêmios, the averter of ills.
You are Sôtêr, the savior and deliverer.
You are Eleutherios, of freedom.
Most importantly, you are Zeus, and to you we give praise.