The Charge of Aphrodite

The Charge of Aphrodite
by Andy of Pnèvma tis Olympìas

Upon the ocean waves
Your beauty crashes against the rocks
The sounds of the endless waters sing Your praise
Golden Goddess
As You bring love, there is also pain
Where You bring souls together, they come apart
The touch of Your influence brings both joy and despair
For one cannot have light without the dark
There cannot be fulfillment without loss
Look down from Your golden field of roses
Take affection on me
Lead me through the dark to reach my light
Passion binds me ever to Your service
I, a vessel of Your message of love and sexuality
I ride high on the winged dove that carries me to You
“My child, I have heard your songs and prayers. I have seen you through all obstacles you have faced. The path you chose is not easy and filled with many hardships. Fear not my loved one. For as you battle through the adversity, the waters will calm and welcome you back within My golden bosom. Fear not My darkness for it dwells within you. Embrace what gifts I bestow upon you. For these gifts will allow you to bloom to full ecstasy.”
These words will both haunt and inspire me
These words will teach the lessons I must not fear anymore
For with the embrace of my raptured Aphrogeneia, beauty foam-born
My love and life are endless like the waters of Aphrodite.