Adult Education


The charter of Hellenion’s education committee is to support all forms of Hellenion’s religious education programming. We hope to offer this as a benefit for all members, from strengthening an individual member’s own cultus to being the foundation for Clergy Ed candidates. As a nonprofit religious organization, Hellenion recognizes the benefit educational programming offers its members on their spiritual journeys as we gather, whether remote or near, within community together.


Hellenion’s Adult Education program has two sections: Basic Adult Education and Continuing Adult Education (continuously in development). Adult education programs are offered free of charge to members in good standing of Hellenion. (Not a member yet? Join here.)

Hellenion’s Basic Adult Education (BAE) curriculum is designed to provide an introduction to Hellenic Reconstructionism for our members. It covers five areas: (1) history; (2) mythology; (3) ritual; (4) Hellenion as an organization; (5) the modern pagan community.

Time needed: Two hours per week for 12 weeks (3 months) assuming the course is taught in a Demos by an experienced teacher and the students have not studied any of the material previously. Solitary study could take more or less time. Hellenion is currently offering an online version of this course, in which students may work on lessons at their own pace. Please email the BAE Proctor for more information.

Completion: Completion of this course is optional for most members. Only those who wish to apply for our Clergy Education Program must document completion of this course to the National office, as Basic Adult Education, or its equivalent, is a prerequisite for clergy study. People who are not intending to be clergy do not need to document completion of this course unless their local Demos requires it. Please note that completion of Basic Adult Education might be a prerequisite for other Continuing Adult Education courses or training programs.

The estimated time for completion of each of the five sections is as follows:

  • Hellenic History, Culture and Social Studies (3 hours)
  • Hellenic Mythology Overview (7.5 hours)
  • Hellenic Ritual & Liturgy basics for individual, family and public worship (10 hours)
  • Basic information on national and local Pagan Community (1.5 hours)
  • Hellenion as an organization (2 hours)

The development of this course is ongoing, in response to the needs of our members. Therefore, member feedback is essential to the success of this program. Please direct your comments to the BAE Proctor.

Continuing Adult Education courses are currently in development, as a response to the needs & desires of our members. Currently we have the following programs / areas of study / training:



We also offer book study sessions on a variety of both new & ancient texts, and a class on singing the Orphic Hymns.

Please contact the Education Director with any questions you may have.

Hellenion also maintains a lending library through which members can borrow books & media for free. Please contact the Librarian for more information.