Hellenion is committed to providing high-quality education for our Theoroi (legal clergy). To this end, we have developed a two-year program that combines reading, research, writing, practical activities, and self-reflection. Members in good standing (that is, members who have not let dues lapse and have submitted an annual renewal form) who are interested in serving the Demoi or the larger Hellenion community as clergy are invited to apply for the program. (Note: Hellenion members who are lifetime members are entitled to retain their Theoros ordination as long as they express their choice to retain their memberships by submitting renewal forms annually, with no requirement to pay annual dues.)

For detailed information about the prerequisites, application procedure, study topics, and ordination process, please visit the Clergy Education Curriculum page.

The application form Clergy Program Application is now available. This is an on-going program so you may apply at any time after you can fulfil the prerequisites. Applicants will be informed of acceptance as soon as the application has been received and verified. Once the applicant has been approved into the program, they will be invited to join the Clergy Ed email list for discussions with other students.

The Clergy Student Handbook is available as a page and a PDF file. * The Handbook includes the complete curriculum, book list, evaluation rubric, study tips, and other helpful information.

Questions about the program? Contact the Clergy Education Director for more information.

* Please note: the PDF file is out of date in its current form. We are in the process of reviewing it & making changes. Most notably, the clergy director name & contact info is incorrect. Some website links are also incorrect. Please contact the clergy director at Clergy Education Director if you have any questions.