Who should become a member?

If you’re unsure that Hellenion is the right place for you then we suggest that you read the following sections of our website.

If you find that your practices and beliefs fit in well with ours, we invite you to become a member of Hellenion.

What is included in membership?

Membership with Hellenion includes many advantages that are based around providing educational resources as well as a welcoming community for our members. The list of benefits of Hellenion membership is always growing but here is a list of the current benefits for Hellenion members:

  • Access to the Hellenion Annual calender

  • Receive monthly email with important calender dates, updates

  • Members only meet and greets

  • Access to a private members only forum

  • Free Access to Old stones, new temples

  • Access to members only lending library

  • Access to informational brochues

  • Access to Prutaneis / Board of directors meeting notes

  • Access to Boule / Advisory Board meeting notes

  • Info on rituals and festivals

  • Access to Basic Adult Education program

  • Access to our rigerous Clergy programĀ 

  • Ability to form an official Hellenion chapter

  • Opportunity to serve the Gods through Hellenion volunteer program and other offical Hellenion positions

Coming soon:

  • Online rituals
  • Online classes

About Our Members: