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New Proto-Demos in Indiana

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The Prutaneis of Hellenion is pleased to announce that a new Proto-Demos has been formed: Temple Sophrosyne Proto-Demos of Hellenion. It is located in northeastern Indiana Link to the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/templesophrosyne


Hellenion’s March 2019 Festival calendar

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Hellenion’s March 2019 Festival calendar, from https://www.hellenion.org/calendar/ Anthesterion-Elaphebolion Year 2 of the 699th Olympiad 1 Lesser Mysteries 2 Lesser Mysteries 3 Lesser Mysteries 6 Dark of the moon 7 Hekate‚Äôs Deipnon 8 Noumenia 9 Libation to Hephaistos; Agathos Daimon 13 Elaphebolia 15 Asklepia 17 Dionysia ta astika 18 Dionysia ta astika 19 Dionysia ta astika […]

National announcements

New Tamias & Grammateus

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Dear members and friends of Hellenion We’d like to take a moment to introduce our 2 new officers. Alex C. is now our Tamias (treasurer). Mike S. is now our Grammateus (secretary). We are very excited to have both of them join our leadership team! We’d also like to thank both Kalen and Kelly for […]