Renewing for Current Members

Thank you for renewing your membership in Hellenion!  (Not yet a member? Click here to join.)  To renew your membership for  next year through Sept 15th:
1) Make your payment, then
2) fill out the renewal form below.

1) Payment

NEW RENEWAL FEE STRUCTURE : Hellenion wants to make it easier for families to remain with Hellenion. As of August 15, 2022, in addition to our individual renewal rate, Hellenion is offering new discounted dues rates for couples and families with children (see below).

  • Family of two adults – $30
  • One adult with child(ren) – $30
  • Two adults with child(ren) – $40

(Hellenion leaves it to the individuals involved to decide how they define family; child(ren) means person(s) under 18 years of age.)

New: Hellenion members who reach 20 years of membership will have their dedication to our society acknowledged and rewarded with free lifetime memberships. As lifetime members they will be entitled to all the usual privileges of membership and eligible for any or all elected positions as long as they express their choice to retain their memberships by submitting renewal forms annually, with no requirement to pay annual dues.

We accept payments by PayPal, but if you don’t use it, you can send your payment by mail.  We accept checks and money orders (made out to Hellenion), plus cash.  Please include a note with your name & email address with your payment.

Would you like to make a donation to Hellenion in addition to your annual dues?  The PayPal button is set up so that you can add an extra amount if you would.  For example, if you send $25, $20 will be accounted for as your dues, and $5 as a donation going into either our general operating funds or the Hestia Fund if you so choose.  You may send any amount equal to or greater than the individual or family dues you’re paying.  To specify that your donation is for the Hestia Fund, please write a note to that effect in the PayPal “Instructions to seller” space or include a note in the envelope with your hard copy payment.

Mail hard copy payments to:
560 Allred Mill Road
Mount Airy, North Carolina
USA 27030

To pay by PayPal, use the “Pay Now” button below, for all categories of membership.
You will need to type in the amount that corresponds to your membership category.

  • One adult – $20
  • Family of two adults – $30
  • One adult with child(ren) – $30
  • Two adults with child(ren) – $40
    (+ donation, if desired)

NOTE: if you first joined between June 1 and September 15th of the current year, you do not have to pay dues for the next year; but please put your join date with the year in the PayPal Transaction field. Thank you.

2) Renewal Form

You need to submit the form below every year. For family renewals, all adults in the family must submit individual renewal forms using unique email addresses, but entering the same PayPal Transaction ID.  On the form, please enter the names of all members of your family and the ages of children under 18 in the appropriate box.  Any adults who are new members must fill out the adult form on the Join page.

Note: We have updated our system.  So current members may need to “update your file”.  To do this you will receive an email with a custom private randomly-generated link which will allow you to access your information only.  You will be able to update your information at this link.

Adult Membership Renewal Form

* indicates required
/ ( mm / dd )
/ / ( mm / dd / yyyy )


By submitting this application, you certify that you:
* are a current member of Hellenion
* are at least 18 years old
* have paid or plan to pay dues of $20, $30, or $40 (via PayPal, check, money order, or cash).
* understand the renewal date is Sept 15th (if sent later than this date, there could be a lapse in your membership)

Page updated December 16 2022.