Hellenion’s July 2019 Festival calendar

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Hellenion’s July 2019 Festival calendar, from Skirophorion-Hekatombaion Year 2-3 of the 699th Olympiad 1 Canada Day 2 Dark of the moon 3 Hekate‚Äôs Deipnon 4 Noumenia; Athenian New Year; US Independence Day 5 Agathos Daimon 13 Libation to Athena 15 Kronia 16 Full moon 19 Synoikia 26 Panathenaia ta magala 27 Panathenaia ta magala […]

National announcements

Antepistates / Vice-president

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The Prutaneis of Hellenion is pleased to announce that we have decided 1) to re-establish the Antepistates (Vice-President) position and 2) elect Victory White as Antepistates. Victory’s strong commitment to Hellenion and Hellenic Reconstructionism as well as her many years of leadership experience within our group will serve us all well. Congratulations are in order.