Hellenion’s October 2017 Festival calendar

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Hellenion’s October 2017 Festival calendar, from Pyanepsion – Maimakterion Year 1 of the 699th Olympiad 2 Thesmophoria 3 Thesmophoria 4 Thesmophoria 5 The Heroines; Full Moon 9 Thanksgiving (Canada) 14 Libation to Poseidon 19 Dark of the Moon 20 Hekate’s Deipnon; Khalkeia 21 Noumenia 22 Agathos Daimon 30 Pompaia


Hellenion @ MD Pagan Pride Day

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Members of Hellenion will be performing the main ritual at this MD Pagan Pride Day this Saturday. If you’re local, hope you can attend! 🙂”source”%3A4%2C”action_history”%3A”%5B%7B%5C”surface%5C”%3A%5C”group%5C”%2C%5C”mechanism%5C”%3A%5C”surface%5C”%2C%5C”extra_data%5C”%3A%5B%5D%7D%5D”%2C”has_source”%3Atrue%7D&source=4&action_history=%5B%7B”surface”%3A”group”%2C”mechanism”%3A”surface”%2C”extra_data”%3A%5B%5D%7D%5D&has_source=1&fref=gs&dti=761053240694819&hc_location=group