Hellenion’s February 2018 Festival calendar

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Hellenion’s February 2018 Festival calendar, from Gamelion-Anthesterion Year 1 of the 699th Olympiad 1 Lenaia 2 Lenaia 10 Libation to Aphrodite 14 Theogamia 15 Dark of the Moon 16 Hekate’s Deipnon 17 Noumenia 18 Agathos Daimon 19 Family Day; Presidents’ Day 27 Anthesteria – Pithoigia 28 Anthesteria – Khoes

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New Proto-Demos: Hearth Fire Sanctuary in TN

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The Prutaneis of Hellenion is pleased to announce that a new Proto-Demos has been formed: Hearth Fire Sanctuary, Proto-Demos of Hellenion, located in Chattanooga, TN Facebook page: Blog: Email: