Online Ritual – Libation to Hermes

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Delmarva Nikephoros Proto-Demos of Hellenion invites you to join us at our online August ritual of libation to Hermes. The ritual will be Sun Aug 13 at 6:10 pm Eastern time, via Zoom webconferencing; the meeting will open at 6:00. We are limited to forty minutes, so be certain to arrive on time. More details & […]


Hellenion’s August 2017 Festival calendar

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Hellenion’s August 2017 Festival calendar, from Metageitnion – Boedromion Year 1 of the 699th Olympiad   7 Civic holiday (Canada); full moon 9 Kourotrophos, Hekate and Artemis 12 Libation to Hermes; The Heroines 13 Hera Telkhinia 18 Zeus Epoptes 21 Dark of the Moon 22 Hekate’s Deipnon 23 Noumenia 24 Agathos Daimon; Niketeria 26 […]

National announcements

New look to website!

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Hellenion is delighted to announce that we have completely redesigned our website! Keep in mind it’s still under construction, with a lot more pages, info, rituals, photos/art etc. coming soon. But we have lots of great stuff up already for you to enjoy. And it is now easier to navigate 🙂