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Statement on immigrant families

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The Prutaneis of Hellenion has issued the following statement on immigrant families in the USA: Hellenion has a long history of honoring Hestia as goddess of hearth and home. As explained in our Mission Statement, that means “a concern for family, in its broadest sense, whether by related by blood, spirit, or kinship ties.” Because […]


Hellenion’s July festival calendar

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Hellenion’s July 2018 Festival calendar, from Skirophorion – Hekatombaion Year 1 – 2 of the 699th Olympiad 1 Canada Day 4 US Independence Day 12 Dark of the Moon 13 Hekate’s Deipnon 14 Noumenia; Athenian New Year; Libation to Athena 15 Agathos Daimon 25 Kronia 27 Full moon 28 Synoikia 29 Synoikia