National announcements

Statement on immigrant families

The Prutaneis of Hellenion has issued the following statement on immigrant families in the USA:

Hellenion has a long history of honoring Hestia as goddess of hearth and home. As explained in our Mission Statement, that means “a concern for family, in its broadest sense, whether by related by blood, spirit, or kinship ties.” Because of this, Hellenion denounces the separation of children from their parents occuring at the United States border. The abrupt separation of children from their parents has detrimental consequences on development and violates the virtue of xenia which is central to our faith. We implore individuals to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of those being detained and the obligation we have to treat sojourners, asylum seekers, and strangers with respect and dignity. We encourage people of all faiths to strive for arete and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

The obligations of hospitality do not end at the threshold of our homes but extend to our communities and our nations. In upholding the virtue of xenia we strive to create a society that is hospitable for all, and hope this statement encourages others to do the same.

Furthermore, we raise up our arms in prayer:

May Hestia Polyolbos (Hestia of the many blessings) grant these migrants homes where they feel safe. They are people who are coming to the USA seeking a new, safer, home.

May Zeus Herkeios (Zeus of the Courtyard) and Zeus Xenios (Zeus of Hospitality to Strangers) grant dignity and justice to these people who violate our law in such a small way in the hope of gaining great safety.

May Demeter, Megala Meter (Great Mother) bring back together all the children and parents separated at the border, and may Persephone Praxidike, Persephone Exacter of Justice, impose just penalty where appropriate.

May Athena Alea (Athena Escape-to-Refuge) and Athena Eleutheria (Athena Deliverer-to-Freedom) with Dike (of Justice), Eunomia (of Good Order), Eirene (of Peace), and winged Nike (of Victory) at Athena’s side, bring liberty to all the people who have been wronged, and justice to those who commit those wrongs.