Libation to Hermes Aug. 11th

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The public is invited to attend: Libation to Hermes August 11 2018 Anytime during daylight hours Participate from your home or sacred space, no matter your location. RSVP on Hellenion’s facebook page: More info on the libation, including prayers you can use, can be found here.


Hellenion’s August 2018 festival calendar

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Hellenion’s August 2018 Festival calendar, from Hekatombaion – Metageitnion Year 2 of the 699th Olympiad 5 Panathenaia ta mikra 6 Panathenaia ta mikra; Civic Holiday 7 Panathenaia ta mikra 8 Panathenaia ta mikra 9 Panathenaia ta mikra 10 Panathenaia ta mikra 11 Panathenaia ta mikra; Libation to Hermes; Dark of the Moon 12 Panathenaia […]

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New Hellenion Demos in MI

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The Prutaneis of Hellenion is pleased to announce that we have a new Demos! Formerly a proto-demos, they now have met the requirements to “upgrade” and have been granted a charter as a Demos. Here are the details: Apple Blossom Demos of Hellenion Located in Michigan Link to their Facebook page: Congratulations!