Hymn to Asklepios and Hygeia

Hymn to Asklepios & Hygeia

by Yvonne Rathbone

We cannot separate healing from health,
so we sing together of noble Asklepios,
son of Apollon and healer of sicknesses,
and of his daughter, life-bearing Hygeia.
In the Dorian plain, fair Koronis bore Asklepios,
a great joy to men, a soother of cruel pangs.
You traveled with the Argonauts,
and hunted the Calydonian Boar,
but showed courage and compassion beyond bound
healing Glaucos, bright-eyed son of Minos,
snatching him from the deep abiding wealth giver
and facing the wrath of all mighty Zeus.
Gentle minded savior, loving the people,
you soften the painful sufferings of mortals,
may you come bringing health and limiting illness
and the harsh fate of death.
And noble Hygeia, most revered among mortals,
bringer of health, baring those gifts that make possible
the worship of all the gods and the enjoyment
of wealth and family. To you we sing our praises!