To Hestia by Hearthstone

To Hestia
by Hearthstone

Hestia, tender of the hearth, first among the gods,
you sit at the center; steadily burns your flame.
Your warmth draws us, your gentle light guides us, leading
us sure-footed through cold and dark to our own place,
where your presence welcomes us and eases our hearts.
Without your touch our homes grow chill, our hearts empty.
Wherever family and friends are joined, you are there.
Wherever we are safe and content, you are there.
Wherever we are most comforted, you are there.
Wherever we find we most belong, you are there.
Revered Hestia, first and most necessary one,
gracious goddess, I praise you and ask your blessing.

Copyright © 2007, Hearthstone