Hymn to Apollon

Hymn to Apollon
by Michael Hornum, 1997

Hail to You, O Apollon, leader of the Muses, Lord of the Seasons,
Golden haired Phoibos, whose perfect lyre unites all opposites,
Healing Paian, whose darts afflict not those striving for good,
All seeing God, Delphic Prophet, Lord of Intellectual Light,
You delight in the rocky crags of Parnassos and in the lovely cape of Delos,
As Helios’ nourishing rays bring forth fragrant white laurel blossoms and ripen sweet brown dates.
Giver of Life, by your Delian altar, unsullied by blood and fire-charred flesh,
You inspire in the lover of wisdom a respect for every life.
Glorious Youth, by slaying Pytho who bars the way to the Omphalos,
You show that selfishness must be transcended along the path to the Source, Center of All.
Great Purifier, You alone liberate life from such selfishness and mind from the limitations of thought,
Thereby, making most direct that path to the One, beyond Being, absolutely infinite and free.