Prayer to Apollo

Prayer To Apollo by Diane Verrochi
In the wake of the September 11, 2001 tragedies

Apollo, God of the Healing Arts,
We ask for Your help
Healing the wounded,
Healing the grieving,
Healing all who have been affected
By this hideous act.

Apollo, God of Music and Poetry,
We ask for Your help
Expressing our sorrow,
Expressing our anger,
Expressing our grief
Over this slaughter of innocents.

Apollo, God of Archery,
We ask for Your help
Sighting the right target for justice,
Aiming carefully for only that target,
Aiming with wisdom the correct bow,
Whatever that may be,
That we may not succumb to the hatred
That slaughters innocents.

Apollo, God of Forgiveness,
We ask for Your help
Forgiving when that is appropriate,
Forgiving without excusing abominable acts,
Forgiving without forgoing justice,
Forgiving with wisdom.

Copyright © 2007, Diane Verrochi