Triespero: Hellenic Winter High Day

by Melitta Stafford

Apollon averter of evil, bard of song and whit, come to thus our needfire, and bless us with joy and bliss.

Let our sorrows be forgotten as what once was no longer is, the night has grown frigid and longer; the suns warmth we have all begun to miss.

Apollon Shrine at Yule / midwinter. Photo by Suz.

The days are soon to follow and with them we soon forget, the cold not only brings darkness but also invites sweet winters kiss.

The sun has gone away now, and chaos does ensue, for times of great transition starts by first rebuilding the sinew.

That growth can often times be painful, slow, your hairs stands up on end; but all not has been forsaken- for an omen rides in on the wind.

The sun is on the horizon, the light is faint at first to see, and upon its first rays shining, we see no other than Apollon, the bright newly born King.

Apollon in your swan drawn chariot, bring Logos back to the land; remind us that deep from within inside us- there is always strength to- persevere.