Ares II by Lykeia

Ares II
by Lykeia
(from the Sleeping Dragon)

O Ares, crimson ribboned, lion-roaring, proud vanquisher,

Fierce god, of splendid and terrifying countenance,

Equally you measure out your force among the race of men,

Every ground and foundation stone carrying your imprinted stance.

In shadowy places fighting relentlessly upon glorious battle grounds,

There you rule, a warrior, a towering guardian, and unconquerable wall,

Shattering the ravenous chains of conflict from an ageless breast,

The enemies, destructive armies, felled and dark banners fall.

Beneath the rains a sigh, terror and pain are washed away

And the land, she smiles as she receives sunlight upon her face,

Revealing the hidden bower where golden Aphrodite waits

Upon a blossom bed where Harmony is born within your embrace.