Orphic Hymn to Ares

Orphic Hymn to Ares (#65)

“Unbreakable, strong-spirited, mighty and powerful daimon,
delighting in arms, indomitable, man-slaying, wall-battering;
lord Ares, your is the din of arms, and ever bespattered with blood
you find joy in killing and in the fray of battle, O horrid one,
whose desire is for the rude clash of swords and spears.
Stay the raging strife, relax pain’s grip on my soul,
and yield to the wish of Kypris and to the revels of Lyasios,
exchanging the might of arms for the works of Deo,
yearning for peace that nurtures youths and brings wealth.”

(translation by A. Athanassakis)