To Ares by Hearthstone

To Ares

Offering a libation to Ares. By Gitana.

by Hearthstone

Great Ares I praise, bold one of the flashing eyes,
son of mighty Zeus and noble Hera you are,
beloved of golden sea-born Aphrodite.
You take joy in battle, the war-cry is your song.
Strength is yours, peerless warrior, and firm resolve,
and the pure, clear drive to defeat the enemy,
the battle rage that pushes us beyond our bounds
to achieve victory against a greater foe.
To the weak you lend strength; to the fearful, courage;
to those enslaved, the will to break the stoutest bonds.
Fierce Ares, you whose gifts ensure our survival,
O god of warriors, I praise and honor you.

Copyright © 2007, Hearthstone