Orphic Hymn to Athena

Revered Pallas, you alone great Zeus bore by himself,
noble and blessed goddess, brave in the din of war.
Renowned and cave-haunting, you may and may not be spoken of.
Your domain is on wind-swept hilltops
and shaded mountains, and dells charm your heart.
Arms please you, and you strike men’s souls with frenzy, O maiden vigorous and horrid-tempered.
Slayer of Gorgo, blessed mother of the arts, you shun the bed of love
and, O impetuous one, you bring madness to the wicked and prudence to the virtuous.
Male and female, begetter of war, counselor,
she-dragon of many shapes, frenzy-loving, illustrious,
destroyer of the Phlegraian Giants, driver of horses,
Tritogeneia, you free us of suffering, O victorious goddess.
Day and night– ever into the small hours–
hear my prayer and give me a full measure of peace,
of riches, and of health accompanied by happy seasons,
O gray-eyed and inventive queen to whom many pray.

Translation by Athanassakis