To Athena by Mavican Hawk

To Athena
by Mavican Hawk

Goddess Athena, hear my prayer,
You have been the eyes through which I’ve seen,
You have been the heart that challenges me to move,
You have been the spirit that drives me to succeed,
You have been the voice that has lead me my entire life.
You, Athena, You are the driving force around my spirit.
I have been in your service for as long as I can remember.
Therefore as your humble servant, I honor you today.
I give back to you what I can.
I promise to live as knowledgably as I can. I promise to continue learning.
I promise to use wisdom, before action. I promise to
continue to live my life, as You, Goddess Athena,
see fit.
I promise to uphold your values, and the values of
the Olympians. Most importantly, I vow to love and
honor you, for all my life, everyday of my life.
To Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, I honor you here
Be Blessed!

Copyright © 2007, Mavican Hawk