Hellenion’s March 2021 Festival Calendar

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From Hellenion’s 2021 March Calendar: Anthesterion – Elaphebolion (Year 4 of the 699th Olympiad) – Lesser Mysteries, 4-10; Libation to Hephaistos, 13; Hekate’s Deipnon, 14; Noumenia, 15; Agathos Daimon, 16; Elaphebolia, 20; Martyrdom of Hypatia, 20; Equinox, 20; Asklepia, 22; City Dionysia, 24-31; Full Moon, 28; Pandia, 31. See our calendar page for more information […]

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Hellenion’s Statement regarding Black Lives Matter

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Hellenion stands with Black Lives Matter in support of the goal of bringing about “sustainable transformation to our communities.” (1) We support and agree with the transformational goals that will bring about equal liberty, justice and freedom for Black communities. We stand with Black Lives Matter in peaceful protests against systematic injustice, oppression and racism. […]