by Purecreature

My emerald snakes will bind you.
My ruby spiders will find you.
My birds of prey fly far and wide,
There is no hiding from my eyes.

Have you heard my rendering cry?
My storm of tears descending from on high?
I will number amongst the Furies wild,
Until I know where you have taken my child.

For as long as I am wracked with woe,
No sapling, no seed, nothing shall grow.
Desert where once was verdant land,
Endless famine I wage on God and man.

Should you seek to stop the slaughter,
Then release at once my golden daughter.
And the fire of my heart will warm this Earth,
And I will lift my barren curse.

Until that day, winter reigns supreme,
And ice will consume the forest green.
I will bend and break all natural law,
In the name of the love I have for my Kore.