Demos Application

Provisional Charter Request for the Foundation of a Hellenion Demos

Please read through the Demos manual first & review it with the other members. When you are ready to proceed, please fill out the application form below. The Prutaneis will be in touch with you shortly.

Provisional Charter Request for the Foundation of a Hellenion Demos

Please fill in the required information.

We, the undersigned members of Hellenion, Inc. living in the vicinity of:

enter city. county, or region name

in the State / Province of:

in the nation of:

desiring to found a Demos in this area, do hereby request the Prutaneis to grant us a Provisional Charter.

We wish to call our Demos:

(name you'd like to call your demos)

Our post office box or mailing service address will be:

Our Demos will function as a local congregation of Hellenion, Inc. according to the bylaws thereof, and subject to the authority of the Prutaneis of Hellenion, Inc. We are aware that we are required to make annual financial and activity reports to the Prutaneis, and to function in our community in an open, inclusionary fashion. We agree to abide by all local, state/provincial, and national laws and regulations relevant to the activities of churches, except insofar as we may be specifically authorized by the Prutaneis to test a particular law or regulation for the purposes of establishing a legal precedent. We agree that we will indemnify, save harmless, and defend Hellenion, Inc. from all liability from damages to persons or property in any suit at law arising out of our status as a chartered Demos. We agree that neither Hellenion, Inc., nor any other local Demos, will be responsible for any debts incurred by our Demos. We agree that we will at all times proudly acknowledge ourselves a Demos of Hellenion, and will not claim, as a Demos, to represent any religion other than Hellenic polytheism. We shall be free, however, as individuals, to practice other religions, as we may see fit, provided that we do not represent activities that are in contradiction to Hellenion's proclaimed beliefs and customs as if they were sanctioned by Hellenion.

The following people will be the three primary officers:

enter first & last name of Demarkhos
enter first & last name of Grammateus
enter first & last name of Tamias

By submitting this application, you affirm that:

* Each of us has passed her/his 18th birthday.

* Each of us is currently a voting member of Hellenion, and each of us agrees to remain so as a condition of his/her position.

* Any changes in our primary officers will be reported within three weeks to the Prutaneis.