The Mantis Program

The term mantikoi covers all types of diviners and oracles in ancient Greece. They are people who, through divinatory methods or direct inspiration, ascertain the words or will of the gods and transmit them to other people.

Hellenion will provide mantikoi for the benefit of the community, both for our own group and the larger Hellenic polytheist population. Candidates for a mantis position must have considerable experience with divination methods and/or oracular inspiration. Since the only objective method of judging a person’s skill in these matters is by actually using their services, that is what we will do.

A candidate for mantis will submit a profile, including their academic and personal experience with whatever methods of divination they are most familiar with. If possible, they will also submit references from people who have consulted them for help with questions or problems. They will then perform divinations for elder members (over a period of time), who will confer on the accuracy of the readings and the apparent knowledge of the mantis-elect.

If the panel generally feels that the person is qualified and has demonstrated a reasonable level of ability, they will become a Hellenion mantis. Their profile will be posted on our site, and they will be available for consultation by the membership and other Hellenic pagans, within reason. Feedback may be left about them on their profile. If the candidate is not accepted, they may re-apply in one year.

Mantikoi may not charge for their services within this context, but they may accept donations – monetary or otherwise – if offered voluntarily.

Here are some divination methods a mantis can use. 


Mantis Application Form



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