How to make a head wreath

How to Make a Head Wreath (Stephanos)
by Cara S.

1. Gather some longer length plants or flowers. Herbs – such as marjoram, mint, thyme, and oregano – make a great “base” for your wreath as they are long and the many small leaves catch and hold like velcro. Or you can use flowers with ling, supple stems like daisies. Using some of your longer plants, form a loop that will fit around your head with a bit to spare. (As you twist the wreath it tends to get a bit smaller)

Making a head wreath. Photo by Cara.

2. Take more long stems of herbs and or flowers and twist them around and around the original loop. Start and stop in different places. Do this until the wreath can hold its shape.

Twist stems. Photo by Cara.

3. As you start and stop a length of stem, tuck the ends in so they aren’t sticking out.

Tuck the ends. Photo by Cara.

4. Add in heavier or bushier stems.

Add heavier stems. Photo by Cara.

5. Now, if you didn’t start with flowers, now is the time to add them in. Tuck them in by winding the stem around a bit through the weave of herbs.

Add flowers. Photo by Cara.

6. Put it on your head – you’re done!

Completed wreath. Photo by Cara.