Presidents Day

by Melissa

(3rd Monday in February, USA) Some different ideas exist as to what this day celebrates.  Although President George Washington’s Birthday was celebrated long beforehand, only in 1885 did his birthday became a federal holiday.  However, beloved President Abraham Lincoln was also born in February (on the 12th), and many people celebrated that day, also.  In 1968, an attempt was made to institute the name “Presidents Day”, to recognize both great men, and other presidents besides, but Congress failed to pass the motion.  In 1976 Washington’s Birthday was “moved” to the third Monday in February.  A wide variation in naming still exists in many states as well as a variety of national leaders who are celebrated (

Democracy is a gift from the Greeks.  This day is a time to give honor to those leaders of democracy who have influenced the US at crucial times in American history.  Since this is a holiday weekend in the US, more time is available to visit museums of history or important sites that contributed to the making of this country (Washington DC, Eastern Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, etc).

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