To Hermes by MH

To Hermes
by Michael Hornum, 1997

Hail to You, O Hermes, Lord of Korykos, son of Maia,
Swift messenger of the Gods, who guards the gymnasion,
Blessed helper, shepherd, who guides mortals as his flock.
You delight in rigorous exercise, clever words, and intellectual insight.
You are the God of new beginnings, guardian of doorways and crossroads.
No effort can succeed without You removing all obstacles,
No decision can be made properly without Your aid.
You protect travelers as they venture from home and as they return to their beloved ones,
And You protect sleepers as they traverse the domain of dreams.
Likewise, You direct us from earthly life to the Isles of the Blessed,
Seeing the soul safely through its many travails to its ultimate union with the Divine.