Beloved Hestia

“Beloved Hestía”
by Arion

Beloved Hestía, first and last of kin,
We love and honor you across the world.
Without your blessings sweet we have no home
Within our dwelling place, no warmth from hearth’s
Grey stone but cold and lifeless mortal ash.

Our dear Hestía, praised by all who live,
We pray you come to dwell within our home.
By warming hearts and hands with peaceful days
Beside the hearth aglow by your divine
Immortal hand, you honor us with blessings.

You tend Olympic hearths, eternal flames,
You comfort brothers, sisters, friends, and guests,
You soothe our souls within your kind embrace,
You are the laughs resounding in the air,
You are the home we make within our walls.

Your joy brings smiles to trampled, wilting lips,
Our hearts and hopes take root and bloom by you,
O caring goddess, noble Queenly Maid.
To you we sing our praise and heartfelt thanks,
The first and last of all, Beloved Hestía.