Oh Twelve Mousai

Oh Twelve Mousai
by Aliakai

Oh Twelve Mousai–
Three Titans, older than Time
Nine daughters of Zeus and fair Mnemosyne
My mind drifts back to you
As it always must
When the conflicts keeping me tethered to this world
Finally settle.

I promised the courage,
Should You gift the inspiration
But I forgot to mention discipline,
To return to the page.
This terrible cacaodaemon
Resistance, fear, distraction
I’ve been so fixated on this world,
I dared forget You.

No longer.
I return to the page and ask
In Your infinite wisdom
To see my novel as you do
Through joyous, youthful eyes
An adventure, a budding new romance
The beauty behind the darkness
Of my daily life.

Infect me with Your excitement,
O’ Muses
That I may honour You
And do the work
You have tasked me with this day.