Medea’s Invocation to Nyx, Hekate, Gaia

O Nox (Night) [Nyx], Mother of Mysteries, and all ye golden Astra (Stars) . . . and thou, divine three-formed Hecate, who . . . dost fortify the arts of magic, and thou, kindly Tellus (Earth) [Gaia], who dost for magic potent herbs provide; ye Venti (Winds) and Aurae (Airs), ye Montes (Mountains), Lacus (Lakes) and Amnes (Streams), and all ye Forest-Gods (Di Omnes Nemorum) and Gods of Night (Di Omnes Noctis), be with me now! By your enabling power, at my behest . . . I bid the mountains quake, the deep earth groan and ghosts rise from their tombs.


Ovid, Metamorphoses 7. 192 translation by Melville