Theia by Purecreature

by Purecreature

Death will not hold me
Ice and cold will not halt me
Frost and snow will not slow me.
Mother, I love you.
Mother, I am coming.

As lost souls dance listlessly
As sunless skies beat down on me
Even in the heartland of his power
I can hear your rage
I will not be afraid

By the fire of my holy bloodline,
By the strength of my slender limbs,
By the warmth of Ge
And the might of Rheia,
By the light of Hekate, I swear,
I prove myself worthy of your grief.

Your sacred caves, I never knew
I refused knowledge of the blessed darkness
I wanted only nectar and cloudless skies
And for my efforts, Kore is gone,
The springtime maid bought low,
The dark from which I fled
Is now the fountain of my soul.
I am a Queen, Persephone,
And I can no more deny the crown
Then I can unlearn the knowledge I have gained
By trial of night and fire and pain

And the power I have gathered here in the night
Sets my feet firmly on the path to the day
I will feel your embrace yet,
And I will warm the icy tracks of your tears
Mother, please, do not cry.

Mother, I love you.