Father Sea

Father Sea
by Samantha

Father sea I hear you calling,
The rushing waves sing against the rock.
The echoes of water crashing to stone,
And there I hear my sisters in the hollowed wind.
A risen song echoing against the rocky slope,
Welcoming, welcoming the sister to the fold.
Join in dance beloved sisters among the waves,
Dance for Father sea who yields plenty to all.
Father sea who shakes the rounded earth,
Shakes from it firm wide-spanning grasp,
Violent waves ebb away the fragile sloping shore.
The sea draws away in foamy arms stone from stone,
And casts earth’s richness to the life of the seas.
Regeneration—all things spring from old anew!
Father sea I hear your loving words,
A haunting melody of a midnight calm,
Across a moving glass, reflecting heavenly glow.
Father, Father I hear you call out to me,
My heart sings a melody of the dancing sea.
And if I listen in silence that best receives,
I can hear your song in the dolphin’s company.
Concealing seas, hidden away and hidden deep,
A bright flame burns within the heart of the sea.
Restless flames that stirs the ocean beds,
Heat rises, life rises and a birth is formed.
Little island set adrift among the rocking waves,
A soothing cradle for your head—and father loving.
Sea winds bring sustenance to sow within so deep,
Into the furrows of richest, dark, welcoming soil,
No barren rock thrust from his loving heart,
But a paradise to mature and to fruitation grow!
Father sea I come to you upon my little boat,
The waves part welcoming before my path,
Traveling, boat unturned by threat of rolling storm,
Through you I am balanced upon turbulent rise,
Rise and rest among the foamy mare’s backs,
But never to fall, to sink within the briny seas.
Death does not happily seek me from my father’s throne,
He does not eagerly seek death in the house,
Drag into death into the dark waters deep.
Father sea I embrace you–touch your rising arms,
Again and again I return to a father’s embrace,
Rejuvenate the spirit, happy as the gull’s merry clatter,
Who drifts upon the sea-churned winds, lofty waves.
No hunger shall I ever yearn, for plenty is what you provide,
The fruits of the seas shall ever in my heart sustain me,
My brothers and sisters nurture me on these simple feasts.
A simple feast, not to be under-valued, its richness is within.
Father sea I come to you, you carry freedom so sweet,
Far away to distant lands, no boundaries for your might,
Yet however far I travel upon your wide-trekking mounts,
However the distances may bring to me rise and rest again,
Carry me always again, to bring me welcoming home,
To the home that forever lights that fiery lamp,
That dwells within the ocean of my wandering heart!