Poseidon’s Mares

Poseidon’s Mares
by Samantha

Across the foam they leap, their manes like crashing waves
The earth shaking under their lightening steps,
Hear the wind roar over the seas through their heaving breath.
White as stars, dwelling beneath the spanning seas,
Shining so bright, beneath pale moon at night,
Upon the water a shimmering echo reflecting the brilliance of the sun.
Wild mares tossing their heads, tossing the boats on the sea,
Untamed to the hands of men, uncontrolled as tempest storms,
Fleet-footed mares racing the winds, crashing waves arise.
And there the fifty daughters, laughing, cling to their manes,
Crowned in pearls they arise, riding the mighty crests,
Riding the fierce storm-runners, riding the crashing rises,
To the earth they ride, and the earth shakes under the feet.
To Poseidon’s chariot the mares bow, to the harness they submit,
Briny mares, coarse mares of salty winds, submit to carry their lord.
The sea’s stallion is the greatest, and in welcome the mares sing,
To draw him with all speed upon the breadth of the fathoms deep,
By his hand the pace is set, upon the currents that they race.
Tamed only to his masterful hand, that great lord does command,
To him they bow, by him there are reigned in check, but their spirit free.