to Poseidon by Hearthstone

To Poseidon
by Hearthstone

Splendid Poseidon, husband of fair Amphitrite,
father to the lovely nymphs of river and sea,
all waters comprise your realm. O most honored one,
a force so powerful are you, none can withstand
your might. At your will seas rise, ships are torn apart,
and sailors are given both life and livelihood.
And yet have you given great gifts to mankind:
the horse, that most noble beast, is your creation;
the fish in your seas feed many, O Poseidon;
and springs of sweet water do appear at your touch.
Mighty Poseidon, you who rules the deep ocean
and all its creatures, I praise and honor you.

Copyright © 2007, Hearthstone

Small household shrine to Poseidon. Photo by Gitana.