To Poseidon by Samantha

To Poseidon
by Samantha

As a dark-flecked stallion follows the mare at the edge of the sea,
So to do the winding songs of the Muses follow short behind,
To sing of dark-maned Poseidon of the turbulent crashing wave.
The craggy sea-edge is a quiet noisy place, suspense hangs in air,
Hear now wanderers along its banks the deep voice of pounding reef.
The scaling rocks give way to a soft welcome sandy shore,
Where goddesses in splendor under sunlight play and gently sleep.
The tide has fingers that draw against the earth, push and caress,
In that meeting place raging sea kisses coaxingly the parting land.
Coral crowned Gaieokhos there did spy Demeter of the golden rows,
Such was his eager love that he fashioned for her with great care,
A splendid guise swift of foot and neck proud arched for her to ride.
Eager to woo her, eager to claim, but all for not, a purpose lost in vain.
The wide-armed earth does not submit to oceanic seduction or demand.
To Olympos he arise, but to the watery domain he rules and sets to rest,
Amid the currents of the broad belt of Okeanos spanning from east to west.
A watery home in the bosom of the ocean tides, in monstrous company,
A coral castle shining bright, and there the nereids play, at the heart of
Hail to you mighty Pelagaios, who rules the far reaching currents and tides,
To you who raise the violent crashing waves to devour the coastal lands.
Under the deceptive calm of fair waves, your trident strikes the earth,
Trembling all around in your embrace, great shocks leap and wrack the land.
But temper soothed how calm you become and kindness you extend,
Prayers rise up from the traveler’s mouth, Hail to you Asphalios!
A prayer for far-traveling kindly winds, oh securer of the voyages safe.
You rock the boat with gentle lull, the waves do not violently toss it
And the flowing sea rises in the night like a sweet singing melody.
How men have yearned and loved of your foamy-tressed melodic daughters,
And hid their faces in respect to your tempest raising crowned sons.
But fear and awe shake in their chest for sharp jawed monsters of the deep,
That your power shall shackle and lead, astride your ocean-born stallion

Altar to Poseidon, for Oct 2017 libation. Photo by Victory.