Orphic Hymn To Rhea

Orphic Hymn 13: To Rhea (adapted from the translation by Thomas Taylor)


Daughter of great Protogonus, divine, illustrious Rhea, to my prayer incline,
Who drives your holy car with speed along, drawn by fierce lions, terrible and strong.
Mother of Zeus, whose mighty arm can wield the avenging bolt, and shake the dreadful shield.
Drum-beating, frantic, of a splendid mien, brass-sounding, honored, Kronos’ blessed queen.
You rejoice in mountains and tumultuous fight, and in humanity’s horrid howlings, you delight.
War’s parent, mighty, of majestic frame, deceitful saviour, liberating dame.
Mother of Gods and humanity, from whom Gaia and lofty Ouranos derive their glorious birth;
The ætherial gales, the deeply spreading sea goddess ærial formed, proceed from you.
Come, pleased with wanderings, blessed and divine, with peace attended on our labors shine;
Bring rich abundance, and wherever found drive dire disease, to earth’s remotest bound.