Delphinia Ritual

Delphinia Ritual
by Timotheos


The altar is adorned with images of Apollon and dolphins. The bowl of khernips has been prepared for the purification. The offerings and sacrifices have been placed at the opposite end of the room in preparation for the procession.


Prelude in C minor (J.S. Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier) can be played at this time as the participants process to the altar with the offerings. The Altar Fire is lit.

Hestia, you who tend the sacred dwelling
Of the far shooting lord, Apollon, at holy Pytho,
From your tresses flowing oil ever drips down.
Come to this house! Come in gentle spirit
With resourceful Zeus, and grant grace to my song!
(Homeric hymn to Hestia #24)


The Hiereus takes the bowl of khernips and holds it up to the statue of Apollon.

Oh Great Lord, Apollon, who makes all things pure! Let your waters
Cleanse and consecrate this sacred space, making it free and pure of
All the profane!

Hiereus sprinkles the water around the altar and participants.

Ekas, Ekas! Este bebeloi!

Statement of Purpose:

I come now before the God Apollon
To sing praises to Him and to be merry
To be thankful for the gifts He has brought me
And to honor him with joy, praise and sacrifice!


In darkness you may call to him.
In pain he will heal you
In your search for inspiration, he is your God.
In expression of your soul, he is forever present.
Musician to Gods
Healer of the sick
Bringer of Death
Bringer of Civilization.
Let the light of life,
And the inspiration of art be my companion.
Bless my heart and soul with your presence,
Mighty Apollon!
(Hector’s Hymn to Apollon)

Offeratory Hymn:

A Walk with a God is played while the participants pray. Prayers are spoken at this time by any who have them.


Immortal One!
I bring you gifts!
See these things
And partake of them as you will!

Libations are given at this time.


Holy Immortals, my Rite has ended. If it be your will, I shall
Come again to your altars, bearing offerings and singing
Hymns of praise and thanksgiving!
Khairete! I rejoice!

Copyright © 2007, Timotheos