Hymn and Prayer for Athenian New Year

“Hymn and Prayer for Athenian New Year”
by DW Rowlands
13 July 2018, in Catonsville, MD

Thou dearest father of all gods and men,
who gave to us the world to dwell within,
And thou, our foster-mother and our guide,
who gave us tools to build a better world:

Athene Pólias, of the city, lord,
and Zeus who guards and keeps the public sphere:
allow that right and justice shall prevail
and grant protection to all those in need.

Lord Zeus Xeníos, who guards host and guest,
and Hestia of the ever-burning hearth:
allow us that great honor, to be hosts,
and bless all who around our tables meet.

Athene Atrytone, ever-strong,
and Zeus Apemius, who keeps ill away:
please let us not be led into despair,
but give us strength to face our world’s fate.

Athene Ergáne, thou who taught us crafts,
and great Hephaistos, skilled in artifice
please share with us your wisdom and your wiles,
that we may find the tools to heal our world.

Oh, Lord who speaks among the leaves of oak,
and Lady of the flashing eyes and spear:
We pray that you who read our fate from high
will see our world through the coming year!