Standard Meat Sacrificial Rite

Standard Meat Sacrificial Rite
by EagleDragon

(for the purposes of this ritual a chicken leg will be used)

Upon the altar is an icon (picture or statue) of the Deity who will be receiving the sacrifice, an incense burner, a box of matches, and a cast iron cauldron filled with isopropyl alcohol and ebsom salts* (If there is no cast iron cauldron available, then a bowl may be used for the offering and a candle may substitute the fire which would be set in the cauldron). The participant, after showering and dressing in clean garments, processes to the altar with the chicken leg (on a plate) and a basket or bowl which contains a ritual knife (folding knives work especially well for this) covered with barley groats. A small bowl and pitcher of water are placed close to the sacred space for purification.

When the participant reaches the altar he or she lights a match and lights the altar fire with the following or similar prayer:

Holy Hestia, it is through You that
The Immortal Gods receive my sacrifices.
May I give you honor now as I light Your
Sacred Fire, and may You always be present
In my home, helping me become closer to You
And the Gods whom I worship.

The participant takes another match from the box and lights it from the sacral fire. He or she then plunges it into the pitcher of water saying:

Holy Hestia! May this water be cleansed by Your
Sacred Fire!

The participant then uses the pitcher and bowl to wash their hands. When they have finished they sprinkle some of the remaining water over the chicken leg. The participant then approaches the altar.

The participant takes a handful of barley from the basket and holds it, saying a prayer to the God or Goddess who will receive the sacrifice. The purpose of the sacrifice is usually stated within this prayer. After praying, the participat casts the barley into the fire or offering bowl.

The participant then takes the knife out of the basket and cuts the meat, fat and skin off of the bone of the chicken leg. They wrap the fat and skin around the bone and place it into the offering bowl. Sometimes, some of the meat may be placed in with this as well. They raise their hands in prayer and say:
Oh Holy One(s), accept and delight in my sacrifice!

The rest of the meat is then cooked and eaten either at the altar (if this is possible) or in a different room before the closing libation. If this is in a different room and the participant has left the ritual space, then before the closing libations, they need to wash their hands again in the same manor as during the procession.

The participant pours themselve a glass of wine, milk, water, juice or other liquid. Raise their glass to the icon of the Deity and say the following or similar prayer.

Holy One(s), I thank you for accepting
My sacrifice to You, and for all of Your
Many blessings to me, and my family. May
You always be with me in my life, and help
Me to grow spiritually through my worship
Of You and the other Deathless Ones! Sponde!

The participant takes a sip of the liquid and pours the rest into the offering bowl or cauldron (BE VERY CAREFUL IF A FIRE IS STILL GOING!!!!). After as much time as they wish, they extinguish the candle or fire and then process away from the altar.


NOTE: If you use the cast iron cauldron and have a fire going in it, the fire may go out during ritual, if this happens, wait until the cauldron has cooled down before adding more isopropyl and relighting. This is very important for safety reasons. It is recommended for beginners to just use the alternate method (single offering bowl)